Mile High EAA Chapter 43

Denver, CO

Next Meeting

Our next regularly scheduled membership gathering will be the annual Pizza Party on Saturday, September 14 at 6:00 PM at the Serani/Jones/Davenport hangar at EIK (Erie Municipal Airport). Bring side dishes and/or desserts to share and join us for an evening of fun, including B-25 missions! Click here for a Map and Directions to the hangar.

October's regularly scheduled membership gathering will be at 6:00 PM at the Mt. Evans Room in the Terminal Building at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC). 

Click here for a Map and Directions to RMMA. 


We are an enthusiastic group of airplane builders, flyers, and folks just plain crazy about airplanes.

We have many types of aircraft, both home built and factory built, in our chapter. We have ultralights, classics, warbirds and antique aircraft owned by members.

We also have a number of people who do not have an airplane and may never have one, but they love airplanes and fit right in.

Our chapter, as you can tell by its low number, dates back to 1957. We are the oldest chapter in Colorado and yet still have a charter member, still active and flying, 60 years later.

Our meetings are varied and informative. They cover all aspects of aviation from how to cover a fabric cover airplane, how to rivet and even how to fabricate an “engine turned” instrument panel. We hold some meetings at members homes to look at their project and ask questions. Some meetings are tours of local aircraft suppliers and shops. We have presenters who talk on aircraft safety, how to paint your aircraft, aircraft history and many other varied subjects.

We publish a monthly newsletter, also available on this website and by E-mail, as well as a yearly roster. We E-mail current info to those who have e-mail.

Come Join Us!! It only costs $25.00 per year and we feel you will get your moneys worth.


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